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Photography is the art of mastering light

why complimentary engagement sessions?

We approach our photography from a journalistic standpoint. Our goal is to tell a story through our images. This includes both posed and natural, candid images. We rely heavily on posing techniques that allow the bride and groom to loosely interact with each other to capture those genuine emotions that will be present on your wedding day. This is the main reason why we offer complimentary engagement sessions! We think it is crucial for couples to form a relationship with their photographer in a relaxed environment before jumping head-on into the wedding day when things can often become stressful and chaotic. This way, you will gain knowledge of our posing techniques and overall work flow to help you gain confidence on your wedding day! 

It is a chance to get to know your photographer before your wedding day! Everything will move so quickly on the day of your wedding, so being familiar with your photographer and how they work will make things move along seamlessly! ⁣

2. It’s a chance to practice posing before the big day! Whether or not you choose to have your engagement photographer also photograph your wedding, most people have never had professional pictures taken and the engagement shoot is the perfect ice breaker (especially for nervous grooms who may not love the camera!)

⁣3. This is a chance to get super intimate and creative images that you may not have time to capture on your wedding day. Do you have a special place that you’d like to memorialize with your photos? This is your chance to really think outside the box and have fun with your photographer.

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